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Black Activated Carbon Face Mask w/2 filters - 5 ply filters

Product No. CarbonMaskk

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Activated Carbon Filter protects you from airborne irritants & harmful pathogens. Filters bacteria, germs, viruses and harsh odors/salon chemicals including Cyanoacrylate vapors. The Carbon Mask is breathable and lightweight, designed for year-around comfort. Adjustable ear loops and nose clip allow a personalized fit. Mask is contoured to fit around the bridge of your nose, check bone and under your chin.

PM2.5 or particulate matter size 2.5 microns .or .001 millimeters. Rated N99, CE Certified.

Can be used with or without eye glasses and magnifiers.
Advanced 5 ply Activated Charcoal Filter (2.5PM). Rated CE Certified Respirator, non surgical.

Filter/5 layer + shell = 6 layers of protection

• 1 Black Mask w/adjustable nose clip. Shell is comprised of a cotton and cotton polyester blend.

• 2 Replacement 5 ply PM2.5 Carbon Filters

• Lightweight design for year round comfort

DIRECTIONS: When inserting the filter, fold the filter in half to create a v-shape. Insert filter into inner socket/pocket, form fitting design to hold filter in place. Adjust ear loops and nose guard allow a personalized fit & long lasting comfort. Filter is disposable - NOT TO EXCEED 80 HOURS. Replace filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor come though.

DISPOSAL: Old filter will contain smoke, pollution, dust & particulates. Melt blown cloth, non flammable material. Dispose of safely.

Shell is comprised of a cotton and cotton polyester blend. Shell can be hand washed with hot soapy water, let air dry. Wash regularly.

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