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Zensa Topical Numbing Cream 30g

Product No. Zensa

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Create a comfortable experience for your clients. Zensa Topical Anaesthetic prepares and numbs skin prior to painful procedures including microblading, laser hair removal and injections. Zensa is an FDA approved formulation and is used by thousands of aestheticians and artists for its impressive efficacy, high quality packaging and safety. Key aspects of Zensa’s high quality formulation include:

*Maximum strength 5% Lidocaine with minimal fillers makes it the
most natural and safest numbing cream available.
*Safe for Waxing, Tattoos, PMU, and Micro-Blading, safe to use with
pigments and inks.
*Safe to use around sensitive areas since it is pH Balanced and
water based not oily or greasy.
*Quick acting: 20 minutes for 1-2 hour Numbing effect. Safe to
*Includes Vitamin E too which acts as an antioxidant helping skin
heal faster post-procedure

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