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Italwax Aquamarine 14 oz tin Soft wax

Product No. IWAquamarine

Price: $10.00

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ItalWax Aquamarine Flex Soft Strip Wax is a medium density wax with Titanium Dioxide and light blue color, perfectly visible on the skin. It has a very delicate structure and is recommended for sensitive areas.

Flex Soft Wax is an innovative product by ItalWax. Itís unique formula is a perfect mix of natural resins with distinctive components. ItalWax Flex is characterized by a very high plasticity when applied in a thin layer with a spatula on large surfaces. ItalWax Flex forms a thin film on the skin, which grabs all the hairs and guarantees firm adhesion with the waxing strip. Waxing with ItalWax Flex wax is less painful for the client, compared to classic soft waxes, because Flex doesnít adhere to the skin.

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