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ItalWax Pour Homme Film Wax 2.2 lbs

Product No. IWPourHomme

Price: $20.00

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ItalWax Natural-based Film Wax - Pour Homme - Hard Stripless Wax Beads. 

Special components, added to increase the adherence of wax, will guarantee clean and fast waxing of coarse, thick male hairs. Male hairs are stronger, whereas skin can be very sensitive. Men need a waxing product, created especially for him.

Hot film wax ItalWax Pour Homme will easily pull out 100% of unwanted hairs at the treated area with only one application and it will not damage the skin. Can be used for face waxing in barber shops for beard shaping and cleaning the face. Works perfectly on other body areas: chest, back, underarms, Brazilian etc. Pour Homme has slight "men perfume" aroma and "liquid steel" color. Women can use it too!

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