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Peepers® Eye Protection Goggles

Product No. Peepers

Price: $3.50


Peepers® Eye Protection Goggles provide both comfort and superior eye protection during facial light therapy treatments, microdermabrasion, high pressure and standard UV tanning, and other cosmetic procedures. The small, lightweight, comfortable frame offers a secure fit to match the exact shape of the eye while allowing maximum facial exposure. For added safety and ease of vision, Peepers® offer impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses that block over 99.9% of UVB rays and over 99% of UVA rays to prevent eye injury while still allowing ease of vision. Includes a comfortable and flexible nose bridge as well as an attachable elastic headband to assure a perfect fit with each and every use.


· Blocks over 99.9% of UV-B rays and over 99% of UVA rays

· Meets FDA’s 21 CFR 1040.20 guidlines for UV ray protection

· Features flexible nosebridge and adjustable elastic headband

· Small, lightweight, comfortable plastic frame

· Allows maximum facial exposure while safely protecting eye area

· Available in 4 colors

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