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Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgo Mask

Product No. Ginkgo

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Ginkgo Mask contains a revitalizing blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and Ginkgo Biloba bioflavonoids which help to brighten the skin and restore its vitality by stimulating micro-activity. Helps to maintain skin's natural moisture balance. Soothing, calming and hydrating, it is an ideal anti-stress mask. Ginkgo has long been recognized for its powerful free radical scavenging abilities as well as its ability to strengthen tissue and help cells maximize skinís oxygen levels.
●Revitalizes skin with vitamins, minerals, and Ginkgo biloba Bioflavanoids
●Balances skin's moisture levels
●An ideal anti-stress mask with soothing botanical extracts
●Professional size for use in treatments (not for retail sale)

Available in:
1fl oz. - Retail Size
8fl oz. - Professional Size

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