Skin Script Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum

Product No. Betacarotene

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Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum

Provides mild exfoliation serum for sensitive skin. It is an excellent exfoliant for pregnant or lactating women because of its natural ingredients.

Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum Benefits:

Improves skin barrier integrity by balancing surface lipids
Exfoliates to lessen the appearance of visible wrinkles
Provides anti-inflammatory-like benefits
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Recommended for all skin types for mild exfoliation. Safe for use on pregnant or lactating women.

Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum Active Ingredients:

Olivem® (Cetearyl Olivate, and Sorbitan Olivate)– a combination of fatty acids that is able to both restore and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.
Beta-Carotene (D)– an orange pigment found in many plants; it is an antioxidant; it is a precursor to Vitamin A.
Papain– an enzyme derived from papayas; it digests keratin proteins to help accelerate exfoliation. It is an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory.
Rosmarinyl Glucoside– soothes inflammation and prevents degradation of ECM.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice– provides pain relieving properties to reduce discomfort associated with acne, heals, provides hydration and UV absorption protection, reduces redness.
Allantoin: improves moisture retention, soothes and normalizes the skin, stimulates tissue growth, reduces inflammation.

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