Lycon MANifico Strip Wax - 800ml (27.5oz)

Product No. 1SL0161

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Lycon MANifico Strip Wax is smooth and gentle with Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and Micro Mica to prevent skin drag. MANifico is perfect for sensitive skin and strong hair growth.

The great thing about our new and unique 800ml Lycon Strip Wax jars is that they are very versatile in how you heat them and how you can use them. Some of the ways you can use them are:

1. Heat the complete 800ml Strip Wax jar directly in our LycoPro Duo heater or any wax heater to warm the wax to working temperature.

2. For a quick start, you can heat the jar in the microwave oven, then place jar into a heater.

Available in: 800ml (27.5oz)

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