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Michael Taylor Skin – Thirst Trap Jelly 32fl

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Light and airy experience with Thirst Trap, for scent sensitive clients.

Give your client a light and airy experience with Thirst Trap. This quick drying jelly smells of clean linen. Perfect for your client that is not a fan of heavy fragrance. This Jelly offers instant cooling, reduces inflammation and aids in the process of healthy skin with the proper layering of products. MTskin Jellys can be layered with your favorite targeted treatments

PRO TIP: Customize your treatments with any water based serum or cream/gel based Masque layered under a MTskin jelly for maximized benefits

Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth,Corn starch,Sodium alginate,Trehalose,Pectin,Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance

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Weight 1 lbs


Michael Taylor Skin