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Total Accessories For the Professional Aesthetician

Welcome to Aesthetics Supplies by Bertha – your ultimate destination for professional Aesthetician accessories!

Established in 2006, my roots go deep as a licensed Esthetician with 25 years of expertise in customer service. With my dynamic team we ensure not only outstanding customer service but also a curated selection of top-notch products.

Having dedicated several years to Alexander’s Aesthetics California office, I acquired an in-depth understanding of premium product lines and the essential elements of running a successful, customer-centric business. Now, with immense pride, I bring this wealth of experience to Arizona, aiming to continue the tradition of excellence for my customers.

At Aesthetics Supplies by Bertha, our focus is on serving licensed Aestheticians and Cosmetologists with a diverse range of high-quality products. Join us in this beauty journey, where professionalism meets exceptional service, and discover a one-stop destination for all your professional Aesthetician needs.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can email us at

-Bertha Fortenberry

Aesthetics Supplies by Bertha has a sister site in California Click 

bertha fortenberry

Jesslyn San Martin

Licensed Esthetician since 2021- Your friendly guide to beauty! Here to help you find the perfect products that match your style.

Wendie Kordell

Licensed Esthetician since 2014 – Passionate about making your shopping experience delightful and enjoyable with knowledge about microneedling.

Jazmine Perez

Licensed Esthetician since 2021- Looking for beauty treasures? Turn to her for product recommendations that will leave you smiling.

Avery Bodine

Licensed Esthetician since 2022- Here to share simple tips and help you discover enjoyable products.

Glenda Porchas

Licensed Esthetician since 2010- Let her guide you in the beauty wonderland of Waxing! Discover quality products that suit your unique style.